We are thrilled to partner with Sharayah Davis and Girls Inc. Bare Roots is currently funding the revitalization of a greenhouse and urban farming program. We want to encourage schools to schedule field trips to the restaurant, and the farms that support Bare Roots. We want to kids to see first hand how we use our raised beds in the back of the restaurants, and how we use that produce on our menu. More than anything we want to help educate kids at a young age about healthy eating, and how easy it is to grow your own food in a small space. Projects and partnerships like this help do just that in our community.


Through a Bare Roots partnership with Sharayah Davis, we have been able to see a new urban farm grow within our community. Elijah’s Farm is located next to Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, and is currently growing everything from kale to carrots. Bare Roots is proud to be purchaser of produce from Elijah’s Farm. With the help of Toya Tate, Georgia Organics, the Columbus Food Oasis and numerous community members, Elijah’s Farm saw its first harvest in the Summer of 2017. Sharayah and Toya hope to lead the charge and put Columbus on the map as a self-sustaining city that produces it’s own local and organic fruits and vegetables. They encourage Columbus residents to use this farm as an example and a resource from which to start their own farms, gardens, and foster a community around local, fresh, and healthy food.